Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Get On Yer Pretty Ballerinas Bike

Fed up of the expense of running a car? Don't fancy being crammed up with a bunch of smelly strangers on public transport? Want to do your bit for the good of the planet? Then maybe it's time to get on yer bike!

Now I have a confession, or actually two confessions to make. First of all, since passing my driving test a number of years ago I've never driven, and secondly I never learned to ride a bike without stabilizers. I know, I know - don't laugh! I'm determined things are going to change this year... and a very pretty electric bike might just be the way forward.

Pretty Ballerinas, yes the brand behind our favourite ballet pumps, have teamed up with eco-transport specialist Yamimoto to design a limited edition electric bike so you can get around the Pretty way.

Available from the Pretty Ballerinas website for £1264, the chic pink and black bike can reach speeds of 18mph and has a 50 mile range. Don't forget to buy a pair of matching ballet pumps too!

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