Friday, 30 May 2014

Bag a Mulberry Tessie

Handbag lovers the world over have been waiting with baited breath to see what Mulberry will come up with as a more affordable line - and I'm pleased to report the Tessie collection doesn't disappoint!

Mulberry have returned to their roots with a collection of high quality leather handbags inspired by styles from their archives. That means simple saddle bags, satchels and totes similar to those produced back in the 70s, but updated for the modern Mulberry buyer with a taste for minimal, sophisticated styling.

The bags are available in black, brown and red leather finished with chic gold hardwear - embossed, of course, with the  Mulberry tree (a sure sign of a must-have if ever there was). With prices starting at £495 for the small Tessie satchel (pictured left) I'm sold! Are you?

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ashish x Topshop: Flashy or Trashy?

So Ashish for Topshop is here and is being heralded by the fashion press as the best designer/high street collab yet - but I'm not so sure.

The holiday fling themed collection is full of tongue in cheek slogan tees and towels if you're a son of a beach, or a dirty beach kinda person, but the stand-out item has to be these flashy, light-up platforms. No question they embody the whole 90s revival and would look amazing at a festival or a rave - just please don't wear them to the cinema! I recently had to sit through Rio 2 near a little girl wearing light up Lelli Kellys. Every time she excitedly kicked her feet a wave of flashing lights lit up the room. God forbid her parents find out about these...

Friday, 23 May 2014

Liberty London Collection

What could be better than striding through Soho with a Carnaby saddle bag swinging from your shoulder? If you haven't seen the new Liberty London Collection yet, you soon will. These brightly patterned bags and purses are sure to prove a hit this season.

Featuring a new version of the iconic Art Nouveau Ianthe print, pimped-up with acid-bright, clashing colours that harp back to the 1960s, I love the Carnaby Saddle Bag (£395), Maddox Crossbody Bag (£210) and Ianthe Zip Purse (£195) all pictured left. It's further evidence that Liberty can stay true to their heritage whilst striving to modernise and remain a destination store in the highly competitive luxury fashion marketplace.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Blake Lively, Queen of Cannes

OMG! These pics of Blake Lively make me miss Gossip Girl more than ever! Blake's been busy stealing the limelight from every other starlet to descend on the French Riviera for the 67th Canes Film Festival - and she hasn't even got a film to promote.

First came that stunning oxblood red Gucci number and since then we've seen her in shimmering Chanel couture, a Giambattista Valli mini dress and a Gucci monochrome gown worthy of a Hollywood great - and she does look a little bit like Grace Kelly with her hair in that chic chignon, don't you think?

Friday, 16 May 2014

Shopaholic Star Buy: River Island Sunglasses

When you step outside and the sun dazzles your eyes you know it's finally time to shop for some new sunglasses.

One of those summertime treats that combines luxury and necessity, fun and function - I always look forward to picking out a new pair. I've been keeping my peepers peeled for an affordable yet chic pair of cats eye sunglasses ever since I saw Chanel's pearl-encrusted offering last year, but now I've finally found some I love - and they're a steal at just £10! At that price you don't have to panic that someone will sit on them or a seagull will swoop down and steal them. 

River Island Cat's Eye Sunglasses, £10

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Becks Swims for his Supper

On a warm, sunny day what would you like to see more than anything? How about David Beckham modelling his new swimwear range for H&M? Well your wish is my command!

The sun certainly came out on cue today - just in time for David Beckham's swimwear launch at Shoreditch House in London. Oh to be a fly on that wall - but hey, here's a pic to keep us all happy.

As for the new range, I can't quite imagine anyone pulling off a pair of white budgie smugglers (£14.99) quite like Becks, but thankfully his swimwear collection also includes some baggy board shorts (£19.99).

Boys, now you've just got to wait until 22nd May to get your hands on some Becks appeal before hitting the beach this summer...

Friday, 9 May 2014

Angelina's Killer Heels

What to wear to the Maleficent costume event at Kensington Palace? It must have been a no-brainer for Angelina Jolie with not one, but two pairs of custom-made Louboutins to choose from. The eye-catching shoes with a twisted, blood-tipped horn for a heel are inspired by Jolie's latest role as the evil Maleficent in the eagerly anticipated new Disney film based on the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Angelina Jolie, ShoesForget Captain Hook, Shere Khan and Cruella DeVille - if you ask me Maleficent was always the scariest Disney villain. If anyone deserves the moniker 'she who must not be named' it's her, not Voldemort - but that's mainly because I've never been able to pronounce Maleficent (somewhat unfortunate given the film's current prominence in the press). Maleficent is causing quite a stir in the fashion world at the moment with a tie-in MAC make-up line now on sale - but I can't quite see those horns catching on, that is unless they are used as scarily chic heels of course.