Friday, 9 May 2014

Angelina's Killer Heels

What to wear to the Maleficent costume event at Kensington Palace? It must have been a no-brainer for Angelina Jolie with not one, but two pairs of custom-made Louboutins to choose from. The eye-catching shoes with a twisted, blood-tipped horn for a heel are inspired by Jolie's latest role as the evil Maleficent in the eagerly anticipated new Disney film based on the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Angelina Jolie, ShoesForget Captain Hook, Shere Khan and Cruella DeVille - if you ask me Maleficent was always the scariest Disney villain. If anyone deserves the moniker 'she who must not be named' it's her, not Voldemort - but that's mainly because I've never been able to pronounce Maleficent (somewhat unfortunate given the film's current prominence in the press). Maleficent is causing quite a stir in the fashion world at the moment with a tie-in MAC make-up line now on sale - but I can't quite see those horns catching on, that is unless they are used as scarily chic heels of course.

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