Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Becks Swims for his Supper

On a warm, sunny day what would you like to see more than anything? How about David Beckham modelling his new swimwear range for H&M? Well your wish is my command!

The sun certainly came out on cue today - just in time for David Beckham's swimwear launch at Shoreditch House in London. Oh to be a fly on that wall - but hey, here's a pic to keep us all happy.

As for the new range, I can't quite imagine anyone pulling off a pair of white budgie smugglers (£14.99) quite like Becks, but thankfully his swimwear collection also includes some baggy board shorts (£19.99).

Boys, now you've just got to wait until 22nd May to get your hands on some Becks appeal before hitting the beach this summer...

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