Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Keep it Zipped

As part of Adult Education Week I went along to a free jewellery making workshop today - but this wasn't just any old jewellery, it was upcycled eco fashion at its very best!

As if by magic, we were shown how an old zip could be transformed in to a chic corsage in an instant (well, an hour or so).

I've seen zip jewellery like this before - usually being sold in posh gift shops with an expensive price tag to match - but I'd never realised how easy a corsage would be to make.

Simply take a 50cm zip and separate it in to 2 halves. Cut 6 pieces measuring 7cm and 6 pieces measuring 6cm and keep what's left for later. To make a petal, take a section of zip, overlap the ends and secure in place with a stitch. Sew the 6 larger petals around the outer edge of a round of felt, then sew the 6 smaller petals inside. Take the left over section you saved earlier and twist is into a spiral to be stab stitched into the centre of the flower. Cover any messy stitching on the back with a second round of felt, sew on a brooch back to complete your corsage and voila - you've got a versatile new accessory to add to your collection!

What's great is that you can use the same corsage design to make any revamp anything you like - attach it to a cuff or a how about a hair clip? I'm hooked!

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