Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Are the April Showers Over?

Hooray for May! The month of Bank Holidays and, hopefully, some sunshine - but just in case the drip. drip, drop of April showers isn't quite over yet, it's definitely worth investing in a stylish brolly. I love this Lulu Guinness bird cage umbrella (£32). It's almost enough to make you wish for rain so you get to show it off! You know what they say, every cloud and all that...

Just one point... please don't walk around holding your umbrella like a jousting pole. The number of near misses I've had! Last week I was very nearly tripped over by a girl on the tube who decided to block the carriage off with her enormous brolly, holding it out in front of her like it was a hurdle she expected everyone to leap over.

Rant over.

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