Friday, 18 April 2014

The Mulberry News We've Been Waiting For...

Given the choice of any luxury label my money's always on Mulberry, but recent price hikes have placed the covetable handbags well beyond the means of most but the super rich - that is until now. Yes, Mulberry are all set to slash their prices!

After pricing themselves out of the market by seeking to position the brand amongst the upper echelons of unobtainable luxury Mulberry's sales have unsurprisingly suffered, so this is their pragmatic move to boost the books. You can imagine my excitement when I heard they are going to make their bags more affordable, but don't expect bargain basement figures, or a cut in quality for that matter. The new range to be launched this summer will feature designs retailing at between £495 - £695. Now that's a lot easier to justify than the £1000+ price tags we've been seeing for styles like the Willow.

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