Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Japanese Jewellery

If there's one souvenir I always like to bring home from my travels it has to be a piece of jewellery. Whether it's ethnic beads, a Bedouin necklace or a hand-braided friendship bracelet, these are the kind of keepsakes that can reveal so much about another culture or country and can be carried with you wherever you go to remind you of past adventures. Jewellery designer Clizio Ornato obviously shares my philosophy. She calls her Letters from Japan collection 'ready-to-wear travel memories'. These origami earrings, postage stamp cuffs and japanned necklaces are guaranteed to get you dreaming of far off climes - and booking flights to the orient.

Clizio Ornato Letters from Japan collection available at Boticca

Japanese Necklace in "Yoake" Kimono Print, £102
Turquoise Origami Earrings, £46.50
Letters From Japan Cuff, £110
Silver "Yoake" Daybreak Ring in Kimono Print, £102

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