Friday, 10 January 2014

Temperley Does Downton

If you're already suffering from Downton Abbey withdrawal symptoms, don't despair! Temperley have enough drop-waisted dresses to rival Lady Mary's wardrobe, so at least we can pretend to be lady of the manor for a while.

Apparently the 'Downton effect' is making us all want to smarten-up our act and dress befitting the occasion - so it's out with the denim and in with intricately embellished dresses. If you ask me the Alice by Temperley Erte Dress is the perfect homage to ladylike '20s styling. Available in sultry red and black as well as debutante's white - that's pretty much all bases covered. What's more, the Erte is now in the sale, reduced from £495 - £250. That'll keep Lord Grantham happy!

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