Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Wrap up in Beulah

When it comes to packing most of us fall into one of two distinct camps. There are those (like my mum) who pack for every possible eventuality and then those who could practically hop onto a plane taking nothing more than the clothes they're standing in. There's always lots of talk about capsule wardrobes at this time of year - but it's easier said than done. That said I may just have stumbled across the secret to skillful suitcase packing...

As you can imagine, it came as quite a surprise when I had somehow managed to pack the lightest suitcase out of four girls last time I went away on holiday (well on the flight out at least - you've got to save room for all that souvenir shopping after all). My top tips? 1. Borrow your best friend's GHDs and 2. Nothing is as versatile as a humble scarf. My oriental print stalwart scarf came in as a sarong, shawl and head scarf all during the course of a 10 day trip.

If you're looking for the perfect scarf this summer, Beulah have got you covered. As seen on Pippa Middleton, the Beulah Shibani scarf - a blue heart print cashmere shawl - certainly gets my vote. Priced at £80, 10% of profits go to the United Nations Blue Heart Campaign to raise awareness of human trafficking.

Beulah Shibani Scarf, £80

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