Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tesco Dress Code

Put the beer bellies away boys! It looks like Royal Ascot isn't the only place enforcing a strict dress code this week. Following a series of complaints, Tesco in Tiverton, Devon have issued a ban on flashing the flesh in store for 'health and safety reasons'. Basically they're worried hot and bothered shoppers may sweat on the fresh produce - yuk!

The statement stuck to the sliding doors reads: 'To avoid causing offence or embarrassment to others as well as for health and safety reasons, we ask that customers are appropriately dressed when visiting our stores. Shirts/Tops and shoes must be worn at all times.' So no trousers is alright then???

It's not long since a similar ban was placed on pyjamas, as shoppers took 24 hour opening as a green light for nightwear. With no shoes there's the possibility you might slip and then sue for compensation. The question is are we bothered by the sight of a few beer bellies?

So often as soon as the sun comes out style is set aside. Along with shirtless men we get girls bikinis when there's no beach in sight - not to mention yards of see-through white linen (worn with black underwear). When I was in Dubai, where a 'modest' dress code is enforced in public places, I have to say that the effect was a whole lot more elegant approach to summer dressing. Maybe Tesco have a point.

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