Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wedding Belle

Congratulations to Keira Knightley and James Righton who have got married in the south of France this weekend. Breaking the trend of flashy (and often trashy) showbiz weddings, the couple were keen to have a low-key ceremony and made their vows witnessed by just a hand full of close friends and family. And as for the all important dress...

The bride was spotted skipping out of Mazon town hall wearing a short tulle prom dress and Chanel jacket, accessorised with Ray Ban Wayfarers and a string of daisies in her hair. It's a very sweet look - but have we seen that dress before, Keira?

Keira's choice of wedding dress looks strikingly similar to a Rodarte number the Pride & Prejudice star wore to a pre-BAFTAS party back in 2008. Well so what if it is a recycled wedding dress. She looks beautiful - and hopefully this will send out a positive message to other brides-to-be.

See, you don't necessarily have to spend £1000s on a dress you'll only wear once. Far too often we hear about couples amounting massive debts so they can get married in a castle, have a horse and carriage, release turtle doves and who knows what else. I say well done Keira!

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