Monday, 6 December 2010

Chanel No 5 - What Every Girl Wants for Christmas

You know Christmas is coming when all your favourite adverts start to reappear. Say Christmas ad and straight away most people think of the Coca Cola trucks festooned with fairy lights, but I think perfume. Chanel No 5 in particular. I'm not talking about Nicole 'I love to dance' Kidman, but the enigmatically beautiful Audrey Tautou and her chance encounter with a very handsome stranger on board a train to Istanbul - all set to Billie Holiday's I'm a Fool to Want You.

The 2 1/2 minute mini-film reunited Tautou with Amelie director Jean Pierre Jeunet who wanted to create a story based around the mesmerizing effect of the scent:

'I've always loved night trains and their magic: it's the perfect opportunity to create an encounter in suspended time. I really liked the idea of a woman meeting a man. They both think about each other, but continue with their own lives, left with the regret that they didn't make contact with the other person. I love to play with destiny and coincidences.'

Luckily for this couple fate is kind and they do finally meet after a number of missed opportunities.

OK, it's not very 'Christmassy' but it's enough to persuade most girls to add a bottle of Chanel's finest to their xmas wish list.

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