Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wedding Daze

Over the weekend I went to a wedding fair with lovely blushing brides to be Lucy and Roz. I never truly appreciated before this just how many things have to be organized in preparation for the big day - and how many choices to be made. Oh, the choices! It's a good job it's not me getting married, as I'm hardly the most decisive person.

For most brides, finding that perfect dress has to be pretty near the top of their list of priorities (who am I kidding, it's right up there at the top perched on a pedestal surrounded by doves). This is one choice you have to get right (along with the choice of groom), and there is more choice out there than you might expect. If you think when you've seen one wedding dress then you've seen them all, think again. During the fashion show we all struggled to hold back the hysterics - I don't mean a fit of uncontrollable excitement over a parade of unbelievably beautiful dresses. No, it was more like bemusement over who would want to get married in lime green crystal encrusted tulle. Then there were some cringe-worthy dance moves and a finale set to the Doctor Who theme music. In a word, bizarre.

A wedding dress shouldn't be one size fits all. All women have a different personal style that their dress should reflect, not to mention different body shapes. But wanting something different doesn't have to mean out of this world crazy, or a total abandonment of tradition.

This beautiful Annette Carey design has to be one of my all time favourites.

A romantic Jenny Packham design, perfect for a willowy boho bride.

Short and sweet - this Oscar de la Renta number is great for a petite frame and encapsulates the whole ladylike trend.

Channel the 1950s in an Ian Stuart prom dress - perfect for lovers of all things retro.

Contemporary embellishment by Jenny Packham.I love how the long necklaces draw the eye down, lengthening the body.

Grecian goddess by Amanda Wakeley.

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  1. Ooh the Anette Carey and Jenny Packham ones are so beautiful, well they all are, but they're my faves.