Friday, 22 October 2010

Gossip Girl @ Miss Selfridge

The second collection of Gossip Girl inspired dresses (and a jumpsuit) has arrived at Miss Selfridge. Sadly, there are only four pieces to choose from - although this is probably somewhat of a blessing for the old bank balance! This time around they haven't assigned the styles as being uniquely Blair, Serena, Jenny or Vanessa, but have gone for more of a general GG vibe. I think they have missed a trick there, as everyone has there fav character look. It's also a shame that the collection is a bit heavy on the black, but there is some great embellishment - perfect for the party season. Prices range from £50-£60.


  1. I like them but you're right- it's a lot of black and I don't wear a lot of black myself. Shame xx

  2. Definitely wayy too much black.
    And there is no real 'Blair' looking ones which is disapointing !

  3. It is a shame - I love the preppy Blair look!