Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Pop stars are no shrinking violets when it comes to fashion (you only need to see a few of Gaga's more conservative ensembles to prove that). So it's no surprise to see some erm, how to put it politely, unusual outfits on display at the VMAs.

Just when we thought we had seen everything from Lady Gaga, she's only gone and pulled off another shocker. Animal rights activists have been driven wild after seeing her dressed in cuts of raw meat. PETA's reaction has been quoted as: 'What will she do next, wear the family cat as a hat.' Quite frankly, I wouldn't put it past her!

When my eyes first clocked this image of Cher I thought she'd finally achieved the impossible and managed to turn back time ... but no, she's just dusted off her old outfit from the If I Could Turn Back Time video to show us that she's still got the figure for it.

Katy Perry, like many other stars on the night, went for a monochrome theme. She wore a Marchesa mini dress with tatoo embellishment - but it was her nails that were the focus of everyone's attention. Each nail had been painstakingy adorned with Russell Brand's face, in what I like to call a brandicure (I want a reference in the OED if that catches on). Has she kicked-off a new trend ...


  1. Those pics of Lady Gaga really freak me out, I keep having to scroll past as quickly as possible!
    I'm a friend of Lucy's by the way- she told me about your blog and how you'd been shortlisted for a Cosmo blog award which is so awesome. Great blog xx

  2. OMG why did Lady Gaga do that? Even if not for animal rights, it's just disgusting to be walking around with chunks of raw meat. :)

    Thanks to you though Hana, for bringing these photos to our eyes, :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

    P.S: I am your newest follower. :)

  3. Oh god... Gaga is impractical.

  4. I just feel sorry for whoever had to sit next to her - think of the smell!