Monday, 7 June 2010

Style Takes a Summer Break

Maybe it's because we hardly ever get the scorching Summers the Met Office promise us year after year that, when the sun finally does come out, a frenzied mixture of excitement and panic sets in - what should I wear?!

For many the answer would appear to be white linen - it's cool and chic, right? Even Coco Chanel believed 'with white, one can never put a foot wrong.' I am not usually one to disagree with Mme Chanel, but whilst sitting outside a cafe on a sunny Saturday afternoon I lost count of the number of people who walked past wearing white linen trousers, completely oblivious to the fact that their underwear was clearly visible beneath. Thongs may avoid unsightly VPL, but achieve little with a loose weave fabric like linen. A long-line t-shirt or kaftan would have transformed the look from cheap to chic in an instant.

It always seems more of an effort to look good in Summer, and I am the first to admit that I am much more comfortable with my Winter wardrobe staples of cosy knits and skinny jeans. Then a heatwave hits and you're lucky if you can even pull up anything skin-tight. I say keep it loose and simple.

City shorts are a perfect double-duty item for the Summer months. They'll take you from poolside to party, or a tailored pair are even smart enough for the office. Plus, you can dare to go shorter than you would with a skirt or a dress without having to worry about bending down! Olivia Palermo has nailed the look, pairing her shorts with a ditsy-print chiffon blouse.

My favourite pair come from Monsoon's Fusion range (£38), as featured in Elle.

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