Saturday, 19 July 2014

Shopaholic Sale Buy: Topshop Bag

Yes, I've been splurging in the sales again - and once again it's the Topshop sale that's come up trumps. I'd had my eye on this tile print bowling bag for a few weeks before it went in the sale, so I'm really glad I held out now.

I always used to think that if you liked something in Topshop you had to buy it there and then because more often than not it would be entirely different stock out on the rails by the time the sales came around - but finding this little gem with £10 off has proven me wrong.

It's not actually part of the main summer sale, but a highlight of the 30% off Summer Essentials promotion - and that means it could shoot back up to full price any day now (so it was worth getting soaked in a thunderstorm on my way home in my book). Better get shopping if you want this bag swinging off your arm this season...

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