Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Loopy for Loom Bands

It's the summer craze that's taken the world by storm after making the leap from the schoolyard to the streets - of course I'm talking about Loom Bands! I'll confess that when my 8 year-old nephew first asked me to buy him some I didn't know what on earth he was talking about, but now it seems like the whole country has gone loopy for looms - and not just the kids. Everyone from the Duchess of Cambridge to David Beckham has been seen wearing Loom Bands, so I quickly hopped on the band wagon a couple of weeks ago and enlisted my nephew to teach me how to loom with the best of 'em. I'll tell you now it's addictive, but I'm not sure I'd ever attempt to make anything more adventurous than a bracelet - say a Loom Band dress for example - but that's just what two loom-mad  ladies from Wales have gone and done. Yes, Helen Wright and Kathryn Burnand have hit the news for making a body-con dress from more than 20,000 of the brightly coloured plastic bands - not only that but their creation has attracted a bidding frenzy, finally selling for £170,000 on eBay. Maybe I should rethink that comment about not attempting to make anything adventurous after all...

*Since writing the above I've heard that the eBay buyer has sadly pulled out of the sale, but I hope the ladies still manage to make a mint from the project they only ever hoped of making £50 profit from.

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