Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Extreme Accessories

Today, as part of Adult Education Week, I went along to a free taster course called Extreme Accessories. I wasn't sure precisely what I was letting myself in for - what exactly would be extreme about crafting your own accessories? As it turns out it was all about making a statement - a statement necklace made from paper beads in this case.

Once we had learned the technique of cutting,  rolling and gluing the corrugated card to make different shapes we were let loose to first make a pair of earrings and then design a necklace for a fashion show of students' work to be held on Saturday. I opted for a topical & tropical green and yellow Brazilian flag theme, whilst my sister made a gorgeous oxblood red necklace.

I'm hooked and think I'll be making lots more of these in the future - once I invest in a glue gun that is. Why not look out for courses near you and try something different?!

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