Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Supermarket Chic from Chanel

I'll confess that I love watching old reruns of Supermarket Sweep - but mainly just to laugh at some of the contestants' outfits (please don't judge me until you've watched it), so who'd a thought Karl Lagerfeld would have been inspired to present his A/W '14 Chanel collection in what looks more than a little bit like a glorified version of the kitsch game show set?

Social Media went crazy as Fashion Eds and bloggers entered the world of the Chanel Shopping Centre at Paris Fashion Week. The wonder of Chanel eggs probably gained more of a reaction than Cara Delevingne's sashay through the aisles sporting next season's styles. Let's face it, Chanel could put there name to anything and people would buy into it. One Tweet I saw went as far as to say they'd be willing to do more housework if only they had Chanel cleaning products to hand. I'm not sure even Chanel bleach could encourage me to take pleasure in cleaning the toilet. I'd say it's actually more of a false economy in that you would want to preserve the precious contents and just keep the bottle on display without ever actually using it. Each to their own, as they say - but as for a trolley dash in Chanel store, now that's the stuff of dreams. Next time you hear the checkout beep, think of the fun you could be having at Paris Fashion Week.

Maybe it's time for Supermarket Sweep to be revived from TV history with Karl Lagerfeld as host - just imagine how amazing that would be...

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