Friday, 6 December 2013

Hello Possums!

There's nothing like a dame and Stella McCartney knows it! Why else would the designer be so eager to secure the services of our all time favourite antipodean to turn on the Christmas lights at her Bruton Street store?

Speaking to Vogue ahead of the switch on Stella said: 'The brief is to have fun. I have been dying to get Dame Edna for so long, I'm chuffed.' And she was lucky to get her - Dame Edna Everage is quite in demand at the moment, but managed to squeeze in another glamorous public appearance in between farewell shows and rubbing shoulders with royalty.

If she/he hadn't been able to make it at least we know Stella would have made a great stand-in.
Look closer - yes, this is none other than Stella McCartney paying homage to Dame Edna complete with purple wig and butterfly-rim specs! Come on, we've all done it, haven't we? Well I'm happy to admit I used to attempt to entertain my family with bad Dame Edna impressions. No point denying it when there's video evidence!

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