Thursday, 7 November 2013

The History Girls

You only have to look at the latest crop of weathergirls in creased cocktail dresses to work out that dressing for TV must be an absolute nightmare. Along with the horror of the camera adding pounds to contend with, certain prints can come across fuzzy on screen whilst anything to showy will ultimately distract the viewer from what you are actually saying (hence I never know what the weather is going to be like). Maybe you really do need a PhD before you can get it right!

Both Dr Lucy Worsley (left) and Dr Helen Castor (right) found perfect camel coats to wear whist fronting their latest BBC 4 history programmes. The 3/4 length belted camel coat marks somewhat of a change for Lucy Worsley, who is usually to be seen in brightly coloured vintage inspired coats  - that is when she's not decked out in period costume, of course. Constantly questioned as to where she buys her coats, Lucy kindly let's us in on the secrets to her on screen wardrobe over on her blog and reveals the coats she buys for TV appearances must be one plain colour and available on the British high street for under £250. As for Helen, I think I might just have found that classic camel coat in the Best of British collection from Marks & Spencer.

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