Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hunger Games Capitol Collection

I can hardly keep my eyes open to write because I've been burning the midnight oil reading The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - not just so that I can catch up with all the hype and see the film adaptation along with everyone else when it is released this week, but because I can't put the book down!

It's probably wrong to categorise The Hunger Games as another teen series, but I like to think this one could actually get young readers hooked on dystopian fiction before they move on to discover the delights the likes of George Orwell and Margaret Atwood have to offer. But enough lit crit for now.

With the detailed descriptions of clothes and the importance placed on fashion and image in the Capitol it comes as no surprise a lucrative Catching Fire clothing line is going to be launched to coincide with the film's release. A 16 piece ready-to-wear collection by The Hunger Games' costume designer, Trish Sommerville, goes on sale at Net-A-Porter on 25th November. Of course, harmless flames have not been invented yet, but hardcore fans will no doubt love the arrow motif t-shirts (£60) and matching jewellery, but prices do go up to £800 for a dress, targeting Net-A-Porter's share of the luxury market.

Psst... Look out for Lucas Hugh sportswear in the film. Apparently the London based brand was chosen after they came up in a Google search for 'futuristic sportswear'.

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