Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Downton Effect

Like all good things, the latest series of Downton Abbey must come to an end tonight - but fans can rest assured that the period drama will return for a third series.

For me, one of the main attractions of Downton has to be the costume design. The fashions not only reflect the characters themselves, but reveal a great deal about society at the time. I relish the parade of lace, brocade, chiffon and jet beads as the ladies of the house sit down to dinner.

Dressing with such rigid formality, attention to detail and above all, class distinction may be something which was lost in the post war years, but the ladylike silhouettes seen in Downton have not entirely disappeared. The latest collection by Rodarte could very easily have been taken from Lady Mary's wardrobe.

With the first world war over, we can look forward to the next series set in a whole new decade - the roaring 20s. The Jazz Age, encompassed by the exotic decadence of Art Deco, boyish haircuts, dropped waists and raised hemlines is one exciting era!

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