Monday, 22 August 2011

Rose & Rose

As summer ends and autumn descends upon us, we start to notice that distinct chill to the evening air. It's not yet cold enough to think about winter coats, but it certainly is time for scarves to take centre stage...

For too long scarves have been an overlooked accessory, passed over in favour of Jimmy Choos and 'it' bags - but no longer. Launching this autumn, Rose & Rose is a brand specialising in luxury trend-driven scarves, designed not just as accessories, but as the stand-out piece of any outfit.

The diverse collection has taken inspiration from architecture, vintage interiors and oriental carpets - you'll find everything from polka dots to skull motifs, Navajo weaving to glitzy embellishment. Each scarf is 100% silk, wool or cashmere and represents the ultimate in luxury comfort.

Rose & Rose is available from Anthropologie and boutiques across the UK this autumn.

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