Thursday, 11 November 2010

Red Carpet Magic

My my, how the child stars of Harry Potter have grown up! It's 10 years since Emma Watson first graced our screens as bushy-haired brainiac Hermione Granger in the wizarding phenomenon, now she's all grown up and the film series is coming to an end - but one suspects that Emma's star will only continue to rise. Only recently Emma was voted Britain's most stylish woman in a poll conducted by Glamour magazine, and she's certainly been living up to her title this week. First she braved the cold at a cast photo call in black velvet Vionnet (Bonnie Wright wrapped-up in a less than glamorous scarf and jumper combo for the occasion) and then wowed in a lace Rafael Lopez mini-dress with feathered skirt at the world premiere for the first installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This really is red carpet magic. Speaking of her sense of style Emma said: 'My Dad was very good when I was younger. He always encouraged me to choose things for myself. I was never just given clothes. From around six or seven, he would let me choose what I wanted to wear, so I always had my own identity. I have held on to that very strongly and refuse to be told what I should wear. If stylists work with me, they never just give me a dress and I'll put it on. I have always had a strong sense of self and my convictions.'


  1. She looks stunning doesn't she ?
    I wasn't so sure on the haircut when I first saw it a few months back, but on the red carpet, she certainly rocked it !

  2. Yes she does look stunning! She always chooses amazing dresses for the res carpet - still not totally sure about the cropped hair though.