Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cheryl v Dannii: Perfect Asymmetry

I have to say I've spotted a pattern emerging over the course of the live shows - Cheryl and Dannii seem to have developed a knack for complimentary dressing. Far from being matchy-matchy, each week they pick a trend and wear it in there own way. To what extent this is planned I couldn't say, but we've seen lace, knot detailing and now asymmetric cuts displayed side by side.

Dannii wore a ruffled red chiffon number by Carla Zampatti whilst Cheryl stuck with the metallics she has favoured in recent weeks. I loved her Emilio Pucci bronze dress - but if it looked at all familiar, that's because she was beaten to it by another Minogue. Cheryl is on a roll at he moment and is my winner again this week if only because she has ditched the extensions - emerging with mid-length waves in her natural brunette shade.

In the first of a double elimination Katie exited the competition with the lowest number of public votes. I have to confess that I will miss her quirky sense of style - but I doubt we've seen the last of her somehow! Katie's lace beaded dress is £85 from Miss Selfridge - but it's limited edition so you'll have to get in quick!

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