Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Mad Men

You can't fail to take notice of U.S. phenomenon, Mad Men. With a hand full of Emmy awards and a bevy of beauties as its stars, the show has taken the world by storm, and is currently having a huge influence on the fashion world.

Betty, Joan and Peggy in all their finery

Set in a fictional New York ad agency during the early '60s, this is one period drama the makers are intent on keeping as authentic as possible. The men drink and chain smoke like there's no tomorrow, whilst their female counterparts are discouraged from working out (you'd never have seen a lady with Madonna-esque biceps back then!). But it is the costumes that have caught my attention. Enormous attention to detail has been lavished on the wardrobe, so much so that the women even have to wear the conical bras and girdles of the time underneath their immaculate tea dresses.

Many A/W '10 collections are full of '50s and '60s influences. The ladylike silhouette of cinched- in waist and full mid-length skirt was perfectly illustrated on the Louis Vuitton catwalk. These are dresses for women with curves! Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan, no doubt owes her title of Esquire's Sexiest Woman to her figure enhancing outfits on the show.

Louis Vuitton A/W '10

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  1. I love the Mad Men look, especially Joan, she's just flawless.

  2. Have you seen the pic of her at the Emmys? She looks really beautiful.