Friday, 1 August 2014

Kate Moss for Topshop on Sale

We'd had a long, long wait for this collection, so who'd blame you if you went into a shopaholic frenzy when Kate Moss's latest range for Topshop finally launched? I certainly wouldn't - but please don't cry when I tell you many of the styles are now in the sale. Prices now start from as little as £20 for a paisley chiffon scarf or cute cami top. And what's more, alongside those best-selling boho kaftans and sparkly jackets is this sherbet lemon chiffon dress modelled on a vintage style worn by Ms Moss on a night out in New York back in 2003. With more than 50% off I make that more money to spend on champagne!

Kate Moss One Shoulder Chiffon Dress, WAS £85 NOW £40

1 comment:

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