Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Keep Calm & Carry On Kate

Can it really be true that Kate has been told to watch her hemlines? Apparently courtiers have had a quiet word with the Duchess of Cambridge ahead of her planned visit to Australia in April, suggesting that she perhaps shouldn't wear quite so many skirts cut above the knee and might want to acquire a more couture based wardrobe befitting a royal. Come on - she's hardly Caroline of Brunswick shocking polite society parading around in obscenely low-cut, see-through gowns.

Ok, so she's had a few Marilyn moments, revealing more leg than she may have intended, but nothing a weighted hemline can't fix! She's a young woman who's become a role model for other young women. She should not be encouraged to dress like a frump, or avoid the high street stores that have done so well from the Copy Kate effect in a recession.

Of all the nations who could be offended by the sight of a couple of inches of royal thigh, dare I say it's not the Australians. If anything I'd have thought a more laid-back attitude to royal dress would go down well down under.

Keep calm and carry on wearing the short skirts Kate!

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