Friday, 25 October 2013

Addams Family Value

We're hurtling towards Halloween faster than a witch on a rocket-powered broomstick, so better stock up on sweets and start planning a suitably scary costume. I'll confess when I saw this contrast collar blouse for £10 at Primark my first thought was how very Victoria Beckham - but now looking at it puts me more in mind of Wednesday Addams.

What? Wednesday's still a style icon - and she had that pout perfected long before Posh came along! For the easiest (and cheapest) costume ever all I'll have to do is plait my hair, crack open the white face paint and wear this blouse with a black skirt. There's just one problem - my Nephew thinks this blouse makes me look like a nun and bursts out in uncontrollable laughter every time he sees me wear it, whilst my Nan says I look more like a strict school ma'am. Charming! You can always rely on family for a good insult. I'll start working on my unamused scowl...

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