Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Seeing Double: Perspex Clutch Bags

The hottest handbag of the season? Well, if you ask me it has to be a perspex box clutch - but you can forget about having your phone, money, keys and any other unmentionables on display for the world to see, as they do tend to come with a fabric insert so the mysteries of a lady's bag remain just that - a mystery. And isn't that kind of like getting two bags for the price of one?

Well, you may have to tell yourself that over and over again if you opt for a Charlotte Olympia Pandora perspex clutch with spider clasp (£625). But here's a handy tip... although I love the orange version you can get the clear for £595 - and this one comes with 3 different inserts (leopard, linen and gold lame). Of course the other option is to hot foot it over to Zara where their neon perspex box clutch bags come in at £19.99.

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