Friday, 15 March 2013

Fashion Avenue, Dubai

Take a stroll along the plush carpet of The Dubai Mall's Fashion Avenue and you'll soon be swept away for a full day's shopping. After all, this is the world's biggest shopping centre. Forget about blistered, tired feet - you won't even notice the mileage as you make your way from designer boutiques to high street favourites and more traditional souk-style stalls.

Our first stop was eyeing up the glittering widow displays at Tiffany's then it was on to casting longing looks at Chanel handbags - and who could possibly bypass a branch of Christian Louboutin when there's no queue outside?! At the uncrowded mall there's every opportunity to browse the very best at your leisure. Here you don't feel uncomfortable wandering into top designer stores as you might in some fashion capitals - that said, on the rare occasions doors were firmly closed with intimidating security guards lurking behind we tended to walk on by.

Unfortunately the first thing on my shopping list was bite cream after my knee swelled up (something must have got me on the previous day's kayaking trip) but I soon go into my shopping stride buying a gorgeous strawberry and champagne scented handcream from Victoria's Secret, a bargain safety pin bracelet from Juicy Couture and lots of sweets to take home as gifts.

After a whole day wandering around I still don't think we covered quite everything - but my personal highlight definitely has to be the Shoe District - where designer footwear is quite rightly displayed on plinths like pieces of priceless art.

If you can tear yourself away from the shops The Dubai Mall is also home to a cinema, ice rink and even the Dubai Aquarium. We rounded off the day by going up the world's tallest building - the Burj Khalifa. Thankfully the lifts were working. You really wouldn't want to take the stairs here! From the viewing gallery it's possible to view the famous water fountain show from above. Then it was time to say goodbye to Dubai.

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