Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bathing Beauty

Shopping for swimwear is never an easy task - so I've been sure to make an early start this year. Well, it's not really an early start when I head off to Abu Dhabi on holiday in March, but swimsuits are steadily making a reappearance in the stores. Like the first blooms of spring, swimwear on the shelves is a sure promise of what lies ahead - lots of summer sunshine.

Now, I can't be alone in wanting a swimsuit that you can actually swim in, can I? I don't want cut-out sides, a plunging neckline or fussy embellishments - just a simple, slimming black one-piece.

Whilst there might not be lots of choice around, it was relatively easy finding one. I've got this black M&S swimsuit with neon pink double strap detail (pictured left) - perfect and just £15!

Whilst I wanted something as a plain as possible I do love the retro styling of these patterned bathing suits...

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