Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Pandora Presents!

Merry Christmas! Hope Santa has brought you everything you asked for - as long as you've been good all year, that is! I was very happy to wake up to a shiny new Pandora bracelet this morning (thanks Mum & Dad).

I love how you can mix and match charms to create a unique design - especially as they can be used to show your personality as well as to mark special occasions. I've got the gunmetal colour bracelet with a crown, cat and safety chain to to start off my collection - and I can't wait to add the Cinderella carriage (hint, hint).

If you know someone with a bracelet, charms make great gifts. Just be warned, there are so many cute designs to choose from it can get addictive. After just a year my Mum has already filled her bracelet and has had to start on a necklace.

If you're searching for a spot of inspiration before buying your own Pandora bracelet, Girls Aloud have  designed their own looks to celebrate 10 years in the music industry.

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