Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Crazy About Crochet

As fashion's love affair with the 70s continues, crochet is beginning to experience somewhat of a revival. In recent years the multi-coloured knitted squares have more commonly been seen on woolly blankets keeping your Granny warm than on the catwalk - that is until now...

Ever since I saw the House of Holland A/W 11 show I have been crazy about crochet. I was even inspired to pick up a pair of crochet hooks and give it a go myself - in the hope of producing my own oversized scarf in the style of HoH in time for Autumn. Make a loop and hook it through may sound simple enough, but it definitely takes perseverance. When (or rather, if) I manage to make something presentable, I'll be sure to post a picture.

Wool Week is the perfect time to give crochet or knitting a go. Look out for a class near you, then once you've got the basics down you'll be able to join a Stitch & Bitch group (that's Knit & Natter to the more polite amongst us). Now that really does sound like fun to me - any excuse for a good gossip!

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